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مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية
The (Old) British Administration/Governor’s Headquarters
Date: 2020- Ongoing   |   
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The (Old) British Administration/Governor’s Headquarters
One of the first public buildings to be constructed during the British Colonial period to serve as HM’s Governor’s HQ, and residence. It is well documented in the memoirs of British travellers, political officers, and governors who served until 1966. Located adjacent to the old city gate, pulled down after the British left in 196, it represents the heart of the old city of Mukalla and is among its best constructed buildings. When al Qaeda operatives seized over the coastal city of Mukalla in mid-April 2015, the building was subjected to destruction, and looting and set on fire. The first and second floor ceilings collapsed completely, and the building has been in a precarious state ever since.

Post-war Reconstruction in Yemen 2020-21
The project is funded by the Cultural Protection Fund, British Council (UK) with the CER-Network of the Prince Claus Fund in the Netherlands. The funding will cover the preliminary Phase of the project only, including the clearing and emergency works in pulling down the threatened parts of the structure, mitigate further collapse and introduce long term reinforcement to prepare for the construction of the central building.
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